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Avena Triport Rebuilder Treatment

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SOLD SEPARATELY 52.8 fl oz. and 8.8 fl. oz.
This exclusive re-builder healing elixir has been created to help correct, repair and strengthen. All reprocessed, tinted, bleached, relaxed, perm, press and curl, dry hair, as well as, natural hair types. The botanical extracts, Shea butter and proteins help to smooth, strengthen and avoid breakage, with an antioxidant, anti-age effect on hair and scalp. This exclusive high potency treatment lubricates and moisturizes damaged, porous, dry hair and scalp encouraging extra body, stronger hair growth and natural luster. Helps restore the amino lipid balance leaving hair feeling fuller and looking healthier without drying, flaking or weighing hair down. This non-greasy re-builder helps to eliminate those oxidants that weaken and dry processed and natural hair types, helping avoid breakage leaving hair silky smooth more manageable and easy to style. Directions: After cleansing hair with Avena Proport Elixir, apply an adequate amount to damp towel dried hair. Working through the hair from ends to root with the light finger massage. Leave in for 7-10 minutes and rinse. Deep restructure treatment may apply warm towel, heating cap, hair steamer and leave in 15-20 minutes and rinse. May also use the Avena Cristal Life Vials and Avena mousse for texture and finish. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE. SOLD SEPARATELY

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